Your pet companions are cute and you adore them!

I love ‘my’ cat family too so that is how I started to create these unique artworks first for myself and then for other humans. I named it Memento.

And I would love to create that unique peace for you to treasure memories on that special kinship.

To create a custom artwork Memento I use special materials that you send to me. It is hair collected from ‘your’ dog or cat family member during a daily grooming or feathers that your little bird friend left on the carpet.

Memento is created in following dimensions:
10 x 10 cm 
30 x 20 cm 
60 x 40 cm 

Memento comes signed. It is unframed.

A 50% deposit is required to start commission work. The remaining 50% is due at pick up or delivery.

I am looking forward to hearing more about that special nonhuman you wish me to memorise in a Memento for you.

Please fill out the form below or send your enquiry!

Thank you!