This is the place where cats rule. And dogs, ants, plants, trees…

Rejecting the opportunity to work in a bank, I dove into the exploration of artistic creation and study. My prior study of economics influenced me to question the sustainability of my artistic processes, of the cycle of a material, a product of art and its dissemination. Through this development, I came to prefer art as sustainable and symbiotic and see my artistic process as a holistic one.

Every day is a new opportunity for a more creative approach to everything we do, so my approach to artistic expression has also developed. In the very beginning it was associated with black and white photography, through expression and works that are expressions of internal states, not necessarily related to a particular concept or intention, to more extensive works by which I ponder the relationship between human and other animals. They are for me our mirrors, our companions, equally intelligent and special.

I started my blog as a place of presentation of works, and now, after a while, I bring it to life by writing about the creative process, the works that inspire me, creativity in collaboration with animals, creativity of the animals, thinking of human as one of the beings of the multitude, what drives us and ennobles our consciousness. Thank you for stopping bye!


three ladies performing outside with dogs


female head and cat in sand

thirty five photographs of couple on beach

nine wooden lightboxes with photographic images in cardboard

text about jewellery with highlighted words




Your pet companions are cute and you adore them! I love ‘my’ cat family too so that is how I started to create these unique artworks first for myself and then for other humans. I named it Memento. And I would love to create that unique peace for you to treasure memories on that special kinship. To create a custom artwork Memento I use special materials that you send to me. It is hair collected from ‘your’ dog or cat family member during a daily grooming or feathers that your little bird friend left on the carpet.