Art and creativity are tools for an everyday living

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“Cause people often talk about being scared of change

But for me I’m more afraid of things staying the same

Cause the game is never won by standing in any one place for too long”


In these words, musician and artist Nick Cave exposes the wisdom of change we are all acquainted with, we reluctantly talk about it, but even less we are ready to accept it. Sometimes everything seems like it was the same even though it is according to the law of physics impossible as Nature is based on change. Only 1% of our body’s atoms this year has been retained from the previous year! The change is so amazing even if we resist it as a cat resists the bath as if we could win, neglect or even repress for a while. Change leads us into new and unknown and when we would know its abundant potentials and ideas, such as ‘successful’ or ‘broken’, we would linger less and ride the wave of the Unknown! The state of the world before ‘the new normal’ wasn’t normal for the long term systematically devastation of Nature to whom we belong must not be named our natural state of being.

American university professor and writer Brené Brown during the past two decades explores in her research courage, audacity, vulnerability, shame, guilt and compassion. It is necessary to experience and go through vulnerability to find your own courage and, therefore, need to remain grateful for things that may seem like a great S. By her motto “courage over comfort” Brown teaches us that we all have something in common – we all go through more or less demanding changes that are to all of us more or less uncomfortable and that we all have to learn how to hang out with them. They will not disappear so we should learn how to be braver with every new challenge.

Brené tells how the artists are our models whose experiments are an indispensable help in these conditions. The artist is a person who rarely fits into society, who learned and learns through her/ his development to recognize the potential in solitude, in distance from the need to suppress her/his voice, in facing feelings and emotions. A person may find the courage to stand alone only through a growing process. We become more and more lonely, but art can save us. Art has the power of connecting through sharing experiences and transforming despair into hope. It gives our feelings shape, form, voice. She can at the same time, collect all our sorrow and pain and release us from it. In a creative community, we are closer to each other and we feel safer, but a person should never believe that there will not be a moment when one will must stand by oneself, for oneself, with oneself.



          Photo: Ivana Filip, 2021


Art and creativity are tools for an everyday living often neglected, unclear or invisible. We usually stop drawing after elementary school because our systems do not encourage creativity and courage. Society’s opinion is that one cannot live from art. It is for those who ‘live on the other planet’, lazy, bohemians. For them as well and for all of us. Art is omnipresent for it is in a chair we sit in, woven into a curtain, in a pencil, in a car, in a program on a computer, colour on a cell phone – all started with that one idea from someone once named ‘from another planet’. And it is! For, having good company with creativity we have to nurture our tenderness and openness towards the unknown, unsafe, weird, secret, mysterious. Creativity is not fully surrendering technology to decide and create for us as it is only one of the tools. It is not in the glorification of digital over physical. Creativity is not in vain bloated talks about own success where vulnerable ego bursts at the seams since creativity is not a masochist neither it is in excuses for lack of a time. It is or may I say, she is always ready, we are not, but even that is not important because she is. No hard feelings, says Creativity. Let’s start from scratch, all over again, every day, I am waiting for you. She is for a human and her/his use of potentials in a holistic sense – spirit, mind and body.

People usually think that they are not creative if they don’t draw, paint or understand contemporary art. Creativity is hidden in small things, in a special way we wash dishes, observe trees while it flickers on a midday sun, though the truth is that creativity loves artCreativity and Art are best friends. That is the reason why today there are so many options – because it is necessary for survival. We can dance, knit, paint, sing, for no one else but ourselves. That is the power of art. You can do it by yourself and get to know yourself deeper, and it strengthens you to share your enthusiasm and curiosity with others. It may seem nonsense for today’s society sees value only through materialisation and monetisation. But who can deny the value of a child’s experience when she/he draws the first cat, a flower or writes her/his name?!

Art and creativity dignify us even if they didn’t lead us to an epiphanic experience or a change of a career. If it does, good for you! No one is ever fully ready, but being partially ready is enough for that very next step! 



“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.”

Julia Cameron



Thank you for reading and I wish that art and creativity lead your unique transformation through Unknown!

Love and thanks,



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