What connects art and cats?

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The smallest feline is a masterpiece.

– Leonardo da Vinci


I wrote my last blog post almost one month ago. I had a COVID infection and it took a while until my head became clear and the words started to flow more naturally. I must take this opportunity to say that I do not support this specific vaccination and this global governmental imposition that tries to divide people. Everybody is entitled to choose!

I was lucky enough to accept the option offered by my colleague and dear friend to join her temporary work in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, which I accepted. Being a visual artist and trying to set up feet for my praxis makes me decide more quickly between many choices; we have to survive and it has to survive. Sometimes it is not even a matter of choice – creativity has to survive, but I am not afraid that it won’t;  I am more worried she will dump me, saying – I fell in love with someone else!

Therefore, this temporary work will feed my hungry creativity and allow us to spend more time together and even offer us a journey in a first-time-visiting the country, allow us to breathe in the air of change and freshen up our tight muscles. Me and my creativity go on a journey!



          Photo: Ivana Filip, 2021


And while we were going back yesterday from the work in the shopping centre, selling beautiful calendars with beautiful artworks and photographs by other artists, we met a man feeding two cats. I stopped and asked if the cats were free roaming and he confirmed. It was just across my tree, next to the tree with a sign ASK GOD, and obviously, I concluded, a good place where creativity likes to mingle; a place between the bushes and trees, park and grass, next to the building where a few people feed these cats. They looked well fed and even though he fed them well, I couldn’t but also think about the less known and visible image of their life; it is never easy to live in the street. I do not pretend to know it as I was never brave enough to try it or have been privileged not to find myself homeless. Some cats like their life with a minimum contact with people and I support this idea; ha-ha, sometimes I wish…..!!!

The present for this year Christmas or New Year is delivered! And it is just this event that made me clean my freezing tear drops while greeting the man and the cats. It was as if I felt all there is in one moment – the ‘good’, the ‘bad’, the Life with all its complexities and magnifications. Tao cannot be spoken about and this tiny particle of our lives’, both cats’, the man’s and mine, need not to be described. If you have experienced something similar, you will resonate with it. If you haven’t, you will!

Therefore, in this ‘Adopt a senior pet’ month, I wish you to find your companion animal and give yourself a present – animal person to open your heart and warm up your life. The majority of us have food and shelter; the majority of them do not. Some of us travel and build up temporary homes because we choose to support our dreams and earn money where the opportunity appears; and return back home to our families, both animal and human, feeling ecstatic while hugging that furry balls again, saying – I told you I’d come back, I love you so much, love you soooo so much, thank you for choosing me for your human.

Love and thanks,


Kolekcija radova i proizvoda Ivane Filip inspirirana je njenim dugogodišnjim istraživanjem, brigom i bliskim suživotom s neljudima. Proizvodi predstavljaju nastavak razvoja njene umjetničke prakse s nadom da će pridonijeti i vašem bliskijem odnosu s neljudima, a možda usrećiti i blisku osobu. Svaki mjesec donirat ćemo 10% mjesečnog dobitka udrugama za zaštitu životinja u RH.

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